McDonald's Stop Serving Breakfast: How Late Can You Get Your McMuffin? Do you love eating breakfast at McDonald’s?

If so, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the restaurant chain will no longer be serving McMuffins after 10:30 A.M. on weekdays and 11 A.M. on weekends starting October 6th, 2017

. If you have to get your McMuffin fix before this date, then I would suggest checking out their website or calling your local store to see

if they are currently offering breakfast service past these times. Introduction Although McDonald’s has been synonymous with

fast food for decades, most locations aren’t open 24 hours. When does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast?

This is typically when their breakfast menu ends in each location. For example, if a McDonald’s closes at 10 p.m., they will stop serving

their famous Egg McMuffins after 9:30 p.m., unless they are running a limited-time breakfast deal.There’s no definitive answer for how late McDonald’s serves breakfast. Rather, watchin

The trend of day-long breakfasts McDonald’s breakfast menu items are available as late as 2 p.m. in certain markets, including Florida and California.

To find out whether your local McDonald’s serves breakfast foods past 11 a.m., ask an employee or call ahead to your loca

l location to make sure there is no specific cut-off time for breakfast (and to check if they have any deals!). Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not appear to publish

their complete breakfast hours online; however, you can always call ahead before heading out so you don’t waste a trip!

What time do they serve breakfast at your local Maccas? If you want to know when exactly McDonald’s stops serving breakfast at

your local restaurant, simply take a quick look at their website. A handy guide on McDonald’s menu, hours and prices list all breakfast menu items available.

It also indicates which items are part of their permanent menu and which ones are seasonal only—that way you won’t show up

in July expecting to order a Sausage Burrito only to be bitterly disappointed. The chart is updated every year so if you don’t see what you want to order on there,

make sure you have a look next year! Once your order is submitted, staff will let you know whether or not it was received and if they have time for any changes.

Final thoughts and summary On most days, you can stop by McDonald’s from around 6:30 am to 10 am for breakfast. From

then until close, though, breakfast is no longer available. If you happen to be in a city with a 24-hour McDonald’s, such as New York City or London, they serve breakfast all day.

A representative for McDonald’s confirmed that at least one location in New York is open 24 hours but didn’t give any indication of how many of its over 14,000 locations are also open 24 hours.