Apple Pay: Which Stores Accept It? How well-rounded is Apple Pay? What stores take Apple Pay? Do you need to own an iPhone to use it? Is there any other device you can use in place of your phone?

Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more about Apple Pay, including how and where you can use it. In fact,

Here’s a list of major retailers What Stores Take Apple Pay here that support Apple Pay. Walmart and Best Buy announced plans to accept Apple Pay,

Which Stores Take Apple Pay What Stores Take Apple Pay Many retailers are adopting Apple Pay, but which ones accept it now?

Apple’s new payment method will certainly make using credit cards a lot easier. For those who currently don’t use Apple Pay, we’ll walk you through how to get started and some of its biggest benefits

Top 100 Merchants in the United States Accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a mobile payment system launched by Apple in September 2014.

The system uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to transmit account information from an Apple device to a point-of-sale terminal.

Apple Pay Benefits What Stores Take Apple Pay Apple Pay is a secure, easy-to-use way to pay at hundreds of thousands of stores and hundreds of apps with just your iPhone or Apple Watch.