Washington, DC (CNN)Rivian lost an incredible $1.7 billion in the second three months of the year, yet some vehicle industry specialists say it's no reason to worry.

Amazon possesses generally 18% of Rivian, as of Nov. 2021, and has requested 100,000 conveyance vehicles from the organization. 

that large an arrangement when another automaker has $15.5 billion in real money, and a famous item, a few specialists say. (Rivian has an excess of almost 100,000 orders.) 

Rivian has plans for a $5 billion office in Georgia that it says will actually want to deliver 400,000 vehicles per year. In any case, until further notice,

its structure is everything in a previous Mitsubishi processing plant in Normal, Illinois. It hasn't all been going great, be that as it may. 

The organization exchanged its head of assembling in May and laid off 6% of its labor force last month, referring to expansion, exorbitant financing costs, and rising item costs as elements. 

"Some of the time enormous misfortunes are not out of the ordinary in increasing," Langlois told CNN Business. "However [Henry] Ford scaled gradually sufficient that he never lost cash."

Tesla, for instance, lost $717.5 million in the second quarter of 2018 as it pushed to create the Model 3. It had $2.2 billion in real money staying following the misfortunes.

While 25,000 vehicles created in a year are undeniably not exactly Rivian's rivals - - Tesla, for instance, delivered 930,422 

vehicles in 2021 - - it is a critical development as Rivian delivered just 1,015 vehicles in 2021. Rivian lost $1.7 billion in three months.