Ravanasura Movies some Point Review

Release Date : April 07, 2023 the plus points of the film Ravanasura

It's great to hear that Ravi Teja has delivered a strong performance in a grey-shaded role and that his menacing act will be a feast for fans

It's also good to hear that the first half of the film has a decent blend of comedy and thrill elements and that the entry of Sushanth picks up the pace of the movie.

Additionally, it's great to hear that Sushanth has a good role and that the female characters in the film all do well in their respective roles, with Megha Akash getting more prominence in the plot.

It's disappointing to hear that the movie didn't meet expectations and that the twist revealed in the second half was a routine one that had been seen in many old films.

Overall, these positive aspects of the film will likely make it an enjoyable experience for audiences.  

Additionally, the reduction in tempo and predictability of the proceedings in the second half could have taken away from the movie's overall impact.  

It's also unfortunate to hear that the songs in the film disrupted the flow of the movie and that the logic of the plot was not well-maintained. 

While Ravi Teja's performance was commendable, it's a shame that the plot didn't provide enough engagement for the audience throughout. e.

Overall, these drawbacks may have detracted from the overall viewing experienc  Release Date : April 07, 2023