NASCAR world responds to Kyle Busch's disheartening affirmation

many have been hypothesizing about the fate of NASCAR Cup Series contender Kyle 

Busch after questions emerged about his future with Joe Gibbs Racing. This season is the last year of his arrangement with the group after a sponsorship 

fell through for next season. Furthermore, apparently the vulnerability of his hustling vocation has all the earmarks of being negatively 

affecting Busch (seen above planning for qualifying at the Verizon 200 at the Brickyard in July).  Notwithstanding the two sides saying  

that they might want to stay together, the absence of a support might be a tremendous barrier in getting that going. 

Busch he uncovered on Saturday that the vulnerability around the circumstance has been no picnic for him. 

"It's been hard as h***, said Busch. "It's been a ton of restless evenings sorting out what your future is and all that kind of stuff."

Busch has been with Joe Gibbs Racing starting around 2008. In any case, it appears to be increasingly more possible that he might need

to look for another group if he has any desire to keep hustling next season. "Everyone's like, 'Gracious, all things considered, you've made a lot of cash, you're fine,

you have nothing to stress over,'" Busch added. "Furthermore, I'm like, 'Better believe it, that is valid, however you actually maintain that 

should make every moment count to do, correct? I'm in a comparable situation.  I'm a racer. I've just at any point known how to race. 

Nothing else. (I'm) attempting to do other business tasks and that's what things like, yet not a single one of them have truly like exploded and 

taken off. So it has been hard, and sorting out that is all absolutely extreme."  Numerous around the NASCAR world comprehend Busch's position of fearing the obscure component in his profession.