NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400 returns after more than two-hour lightning delay The NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400 continued at 9:02 p.m. following a .

postponement of two hours and 12 minutes following lightning strikes inside eight miles of Nashville Superspeedway soon after 6:50 p.m

It denoted the second deferral of the day. The primary lightning strike of the day hit inside seven miles of the track around 4:34 p.m.,

creating the race's most memorable setback of the game. A subsequent strike hit inside eight miles at 4:53 p.m., broadening the deferral.

The race at first continued at 5:34 p.m. following a postponement of one hour and four 400,cup series,nascar

Denny Hamlin drove through 41 laps before the primary postponement and held the lead going into the second defer after 139 laps.

The race could consider total after 151 laps, however that limit has not yet been met.Hamlin won the passing round on

Saturday.ROWDY:'Rowdy' narrative demonstrates NASCAR star Kyle Busch is more human than he lets on ally 400,cup series,nascar cup series,2022

The postpone comes on the third day of hustling at Nashville Superspeedway this week, following the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series on Friday and

the Xfinity Series on Saturday. A downpour shower recently abbreviated Cup Series qualifying on Saturday.