Man dies after reportedly chasing dog into traffic

A 33-year-elderly person is dead after he was lethally struck by a vehicle when he pursued into traffic pursuing a canine.

The episode happened at around 1 p.m. on Monday evening in Kingsport, Tennessee - - around 100 miles upper east of Knoxville - 

- when the Kingsport Police Department Traffic Unit answered a call in regards to an engine vehicle striking a walker as it voyaged 

north on Lynn Garden Drive, specialists said.  MORE: Human foot found drifting in the natural aquifer at Yellowstone National Park

"A light blue 2020 Honda Odyssey minivan, driven and exclusively involved by Darshankumar Karshanbhai Patel of Kingsport, 

seems to have been voyaging legally northward on Lynn Garden Drive, when a walker, Gordon Gale Johnson of Kingsport, out of 

nowhere ran into the street, straightforwardly into its way, pursuing a canine," read a proclamation delivered by 

the Kingsport Police Department following the episode.   It was at first detailed that 33-year-old Gordon Gale Johnson was taken by 

Sullivan County EMS to a neighborhood to be treated for his wounds yet police affirmed that he had kicked the bucket a few hours 

after the fact from wounds supported in the accident with49-year-old Patel. Police say that Patel couldn't keep away from a crash and that he was unharmed in the impact with Johnson.  

MORE: Man purportedly shoots spouse with a crossbow while she dozed on the couch It is muddled in the event that the canine had a place with

Johnson or what the conditions were encompassing the episode and how the canine figured out how to get free in any case. 

The mishap currently stays under open and dynamic examination by the Kingsport Police Department Traffic Unit and no further 

subtleties are supposed to be delivered until specialists finish up their examination.    pleas shere everewhere