Kanye West Pays Surprise Appearance at 2022 BET Awards Kanye West made an unexpected kanye west,bet awards 2022,kanye,bet awards,kanye west brit award

appearance at the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday night to give Sean Combs otherwise known as Diddy the Lifetime Achievement grant.

"How would we crown our lords? How would we see the value in our lords? To figure how far we could simply make it off of motivation, to hear the

manner in which someone hacked an example in… hurrying to see who could get the Bad Boy mixtape and playback the first variant of

"Benjamins," again and again, thinking I was one of the Hit Men," Ye said. "To see Puff, in actuality, at the 'Missing You' video, very much

like me tapping free like a small child… I simply have to meet this man. This is my #1 craftsman.You see I'm saying most loved craftsman, everything,

not explicitly creation, the outing. In those days there were such countless guidelines to hip-bounce and he broke every one of them."

He proceeded, "Comprehended agreements in a way a ton of us actually don't. Perceived cash in a manner a ton of us actually don't.

I go to him for exhortation right up to the present day. He propelled so many of my decisions. So many of my life decisions

. My significant other decisions. Also, we are right here. Gratitude for that, Puff… I was endorsed to Puff without him knowing… That assertion isn't legitimately restricting!"