Space rock 2.3 times the size of dinosaur heading for Earth - NASA A space rock very nearly over twice the size of a dinosaur is set to have a nearby flyby with the Earth on 

Tuesday, as per NASA's space rock tracker. Which space rock is coming towards Earth? The space rock being referred to has been assigned 2022 PW and is right now traveling toward us.

The space rock being referred to will pass by on August 16, 2022, as indicated by the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL),

explicitly at the speed of 7.47 kilometers each second, which likens to 26,892 kilometers each hour. It additionally is generally equivalent to almost multiple times the speed of sound.

What is particularly critical about this space rock heading close to Earth, notwithstanding, is the distance.As per NASA's CNEOS,

the space rock 2022 PW is set to pass the Earth a ways off of roughly 529,000 kilometers.To place that in context, the Moon on normal circles the Earth a ways off of around 384,000 kilometers.

This implies that space rock 2022 PW will be farther from the Earth than the Moon, yet just somewhat so. It will in any case be exceptionally close - particularly on a grandiose scale.

How enormous is the space rock coming towards Earth in 2022? Fortunately, not excessively enormous.

As per NASA's CNEOS, space rock 2022 PW has an expected measurement that could be essentially as wide as 51 meters. 

For setting, the long-necked sauropod dinosaur known as Brachiosaurus is suspected by researchers to have been up to 22 meters, which is around 2.3 times more modest.