Hello there Bye, Mama! is the sort of show that causes you to face troublesome feelings and to feel every one of the troublesome sentiments - and

afterward make you thankful for having felt everything. The show has a mixed reason, and treats it with responsiveness and poignance, with a side of levity. 

Generally, Show deals with this fragile equilibrium well and makes me chuckle and cry, frequently inside a similar episode.

The exhibitions from our cast areas of strength are, I am especially dazzled with Kim Tae Hee and Lee Kyu Hyung; this is in a real sense the best I've seen from the two of them.

What's more, Kim Mi Kyung, is, as usual, a fortune to have onscreen.On the drawback, I felt we invested an excess of energy in stuff to do with the phantom local area, and that 

wound up feeling like filler. I additionally feel like Show experiences some pacing issues, making the last third of our account feel fairly slowed down.

Generally, however, regardless of what I feel are its drawbacks, Show figures out how to feel like a strong, beneficial watch, with a great deal of old-fashioned heartachey feels.

E1. It's such a heart-pulling thing, to understand that Yu Ri kicked the bucket before she at any point got to hold Seo Woo. 

She's always been unable to contact her girl and has hung on this time, simply longing to see her somewhat more