There are all kinds of tips out there to try to get us healthy eating and getting in shape. However, some of the healthy eating ideas presented as facts are

actually misleading, outdated, or simply wrong. Here are 21 healthy eating myths to relax - the sooner you do, the better your health, weight, and wellbeing.

There's a right way to eat. In fact, there is no healthier diet for everyone - it is illustrated by the latest evidence that different people have completely personal responses of blood sugar

and insulin to common foods such as bananas, muffins, and bread. That is, a common feature of the blue regions of the world — long-term populations — is related to plant nutrition.

Science-based lasts five times a day If that were the case, the guidelines would be the same everywhere, but they are not - Australia says seven a day and America nine (although the British

recommendation does not include potatoes, and Australia and the US do). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 14% of gastrointestinal cancer

and 11% of deaths from heart disease are linked to very low levels of fruits and vegetables. So we just have to be fed more, total stop.

However, at least 400g (14.1oz) of fruits and vegetables are recommended daily. In fact, it's five 80g (2.8oz) porcelains.

Chocolate gives you stains Acne is mainly caused by the production of hormones and the effect they have on the sebaceous glands (oil) on the skin, not by diet. A generally poor diet with many refined

carbohydrate foods that tend to increase blood sugar can contribute to acne by raising hormones that trigger acne. But there's no evidence linking chocolate specifically with stains.

Don't chew gum if you swallow it accidentally Chewing xylitol gum is good for teeth and you don't need to worry about swallowing it accidentally

(although this should not be done for purpose). The swallowed gum is not digested, it simply passes through the digestive tract at the same speed as other foods.

Spinach is the main source of iron When scientists first analyzed the nutritional value of spinach, they made mistakes in the analysis and overestimated the iron contained in it.

This is still a worthy source — 10% of the recommended daily amount of spinach in the 90g (3.1oz) cooked spinach service, but this is

compared to 16% in the 90g (3.1oz) service. However, eating spinnaker and other vegetables every day still helps raise your iron levels.

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Diabetes is the leading cause of type 2 diabetes Diabetes UK says foods with high sugar content are already causing calories. This is precisely what can produce an oily pancreas, not direct sugar, .

which can lead people to have type 2 diabetes. However, sugary drinks seem to be linked to diabetes which is not related to the effects on body weight.