Dave Chappelle addressed the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked while performing on stage Tuesday at

the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Video footage shows a man running on stage and accosting the artist on the ground during Netflix's prank comedy festival

, for which Chappelle has performed several dates at the Hollywood Bowl in the past month. The attacker then gets up and tries to flee the stage before being caught and

accosted by what appears to be security personnel and members of ChappellDetails of the incident are being gathered as the viewers' mobile phones were supposed to have been inaccessible to them during

the performance. (The Hollywood Bowl website states that attendees' phones were meant to be protected on Yondr devices, allowing guests.) e's team.

to keep their phones, but sealing them so they can't be used. They can only be accessed in the designated "Phone Use Areas" on-site

According to the fragments that have emerged so far, Chappelle appears to be largely unharmed and quickly regained his composure after the attack. "He was a trans man," he later joked.

Chappelle has been a controversial figure for his frequent jokes about transgender people and the perception that he is transphobic.