Eduard Einstein Albert Einstein's second child with his most memorable spouse, Mileva Marić, was, unfortunately, incapable to have an existence as effective as his dad's. 

Eduard Einstein Eduard Einstein quickly created extreme schizophrenia during his early stages and must be regulated by the age of 20. While hospitalized, the youthful Einstein

Eduard Einstein had to stick to weighty medication regimens and go through electroshock treatment, which his mom and sibling guaranteed just exacerbated his condition.  

Vincent van Gogh Quite possibly of the most broadly disturbed craftsman ever, Vincent van Gogh has been retroactively analyzed as a schizophrenic by 

Vincent van Gogh various history specialists and clinical experts. Celebrities Who were  Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Veronica Lake Veronica Lake was an exceptionally effective entertainer during the 1940s and was particularly famous for her featuring jobs in noir films. 

Veronica Lake Tragically, her battles with schizophrenia and liquor addiction made her profession decline and fail before the decade was over. 

Gene Tierney was an American entertainer renowned for her driving jobs in well-known movies, for example, 'Laura' (1944) and 'Pass on Her to Heaven' (1945). 

Subsequent to being determined to have schizophrenia during the 1950s, Tierney went through just about 30 meetings of shock treatment. Tierney attempted to get away from the emergency clinic, f

eeling that the shock meetings were causing more damage than great, however, she was gotten and compelled to proceed. After this nerve-racking experience, 

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