lauder pure love 480 nova noir cooled lipstick

lauder pure love 480 nova noir cooled lipstick

lauder pure love 480 nova noir cooled lipstick


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pure love 480 nova cooled lipstick

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Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick Review & Swatches

Earlier this 12 months Estee Lauder launched new Pure Color Love lipsticks in 30 stunning colors and varied finishes. It took me a whilst to take a look at these, however, I assume I’m at the end equipped to share my evaluation and swatches. Out of thirty, I located four colorings that I am truly in love with! But I’m getting in advance of myself, as usual, let’s speak about the packaging and the method first.

The new packaging has its cons and pros. It has a gold-toned bullet shaft and a clear cap made of plastic, so it feels lightweight, however, nonetheless has a little bit of heft to it. Unlike the standard lipstick packaging, the color identity is printed on the pinnacle of the cap, so you are in fact storing them upside down, which takes some getting used to.

The lipsticks have triangular double-slanted edges, so you can get an exceptional sharp facet regardless of which facet you use to observe the color. It’s now not a sport changer or anything, however I idea it was once nonetheless a first-rate contact and makes the utility method barely greater convenient.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick [$22 for 0.097 oz] comes in 4 distinctive finishes: 9x Edge Cremes, 13x Ultra Mattes, the Cooled Chromes, and 5x Shimmer Pearls.

In my experience, Pure Color Love lipsticks with creme end furnished buildable medium to full insurance and felt hydrating on the lips. Due to that creamy formula, they didn’t ultimately lengthy and wished to be re-applied each 2-3 hours.

Matte hues had been entirely pigmented for the most part, with the exception of Rose Excess, Up Beet, and Love Object which all went on great patchy. The formulation was once additionally long-lasting and felt very blissful on the lips upon application. They had been additionally a little bit drying, but now not overly so, really now not like most matte liquid lipsticks.

Chrome hues had been pretty sheer and had a gritty experience to them, assuming chunky glitter. I can’t think that these are supposed to be worn alone, they are most probably pleasant and appropriate as toppers layered over different colors. I ought to solely construct up the insurance to medium opacity, each on the lips and for the arm swatches. On their own, these are nothing to write domestic about, however, they appear great as toppers.

Shimmer colors had various pigmentation, some have been on the sheer side, and others should be without problems constructed up to full opacity in 2-3 swipes. These had been all so beautiful! The texture was once easy and creamy, and the shimmers didn’t sense gritty on the lips at all. The put-on time was once roughly equal to the creme end colors, so about three hours earlier than touchups have been needed.

Swatches Top to Bottom: 430 Crazy Beautiful [creme], 200 Proven Innocent [matte], one hundred forty Naked City [creme], a hundred thirty Strapless [LE, creme], one hundred ten Raw Sugar [matte], one hundred Blaze Buff [matte].

Swatches Top to Bottom: 440 Hi-Voltage [LE, creme], four hundred Rebel Glam [LE, matte], 260 Sky High [LE, shimmer], 250 Radical Chic [creme], 240 Pret-a-Party [creme], 210 Naughty-Nice [LE, matte].

Swatches Top to Bottom: 360 Flash Chill [LE, shimmer], 350 Sly Wink [LE, shimmer], 340 Hot Rumor [creme], 330 Wild Poppy [creme], 300 Hot Streak [matte], 270 Haute & Cold [shimmer], 220 Shock & Awe [matte].

Swatches Top to Bottom: 460 Ripped Raisin [shimmer], 320 Burning Love [matte], 310 Bar Red [matte], 230 Juiced Up [matte], one hundred twenty Rose Excess [matte].

Swatches Top to Bottom: 480 Nova Noir [LE, chrome], 470 Moon Rock [LE, chrome], 450 Orchid Infinity [creme], 420 Up Beet [matte], 410 Love Object [matte], 370 Pocket Venus [LE, chrome].

Favorite #1: a hundred Blaze Buff [lip swatch]

Favorite #2: 430 Crazy Beautiful [lip swatch]

Favorite #3: 250 Radical Chic [lip swatch]

Favorite #4: 360 Flash Chill [lip swatch]


Aren’t these beautiful? I suppose it would be brilliant if Estee Lauder blanketed enjoyable colorations in finishes different than sheer glitter toppers, however, this is a true start. For my private use, I pick the Ultra Mattes, due to the fact they are relatively pigmented and long-wearing.

Yes, they do make the lips barely drier [various reviewers say that these are non-drying, so that’s YMMV], however, for me, the sturdiness seals the deal. If I’m jogging errands, I simply can’t be afflicted to reapply my lipstick every two hours, and commonly simply seize the day with bare lips.

I continually contact up the color if it’s a date or a distinct occasion, though. I assume it this way: if I made an effort to put on relatively clothes, do my hair and fine makeup, undone lips will actually stand out like a sore thumb and carry down the total seem to be I labored so tough to achieve.

In the end, my favorite colors amongst the thirty are a hundred Blaze Buff, 430 Crazy Beautiful, 250 Radical Chic, and 360 Flash Chill. I am genuinely feeling these understated YLBBs and mild reds proper now, even even though the summer season is formally over.

In phrases of formula, I am most impressed by way of the Shimmer Pearl colors. They had been all constantly good and made the lips appear juicy and hydrated. It’s so effortless to make shimmery lipsticks seem frosty, however, these had been very delicate and sophisticated. The best section is likely the great light-reflecting particles, that make the lip traces disappear. My mother borrowed some of the shimmers to try, and I in reality don’t count on ever seeing them back, haha! 🙂

Have you viewed Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick in stores? Which shade would you purchase based totally on the swatches above? What’s your favored finish: Edge Creme, Ultra Matte, Cooled Chrome, or Shimmer Pearl? Let me be aware of the remarks below!

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