How to Change Doordash Driver Location Best Part 6

How to Change Doordash Driver Location Best Part 6

Topic: How to Change Doordash Driver Location Part 6

How to Change Doordash Driver Location

If you’re looking to change your Doordash location, follow these steps below Sign into your account and go to Dashboard. Select Doordash Driver Support and select Change Location. This will bring up a map of locations where drivers are needed (where there is a green pin).

How to Change Doordash Driver Location Best Part 6

To change your location, simply select one of those locations and hit Change Location. From there, select what city you want to be in and confirm that it is correct before hitting Continue. This will then send an email confirmation for verification purposes. You should get an email shortly after with instructions on how to proceed from there!

Looking to change your Doordash driver location? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Doordash drivers, have you ever wondered how to change your Doordash driver location? If so, here’s everything you need to know about how to change your Doordash driver location and how to change your Doordash driver location. Here’s how to change your Doordash driver location and start making more money in no time!


What if I want to switch cities? If you’re looking to take your business from one city or neighborhood to another, we can make it happen – but first, here are some details you should know. Ready for more info about what it takes to drive in a new city for DoorDash? Here goes! To start driving with DoorDash in a new city

Part 1: First things first

How to get there. You can’t start at part 2 if you don’t know how to get there! When you sign up with Doordash, you fill out a background check form, which is sent in and reviewed by an underwriter. As soon as they approve it, then you are able to see all of your account information online and go through their training videos as well as learn about new functionality as it is released!

How to Change Doordash Driver Location Best Part 6

You can also speak with customer service via phone or email at any time. If you have questions about getting started with accepting orders from food delivery companies like Postmates or Eat24, then our tutorials will be helpful for you: How To Get Started With Postmates & How To Get Started With Eat24

Part 2: Log into Driver Dashboard

As you log into Driver Dashboard, you’ll be greeted with your performance dashboard. This will include key indicators of your Doordash performance such as earnings, trips in progress, number of deliveries, and total deliveries to date.

Once you have access to Driver Dashboard, click Change Location located on the right-hand side of the page under the Operations Management heading. Click here for a closer look at what you will see once logged into Driver Dashboard.

Part 3: Click Change Location

When you first open up your app, you’ll have an option called Change Driver Location right above Home. Clicking here will allow you to select any store in which you are accepted as a delivery partner! Note: Some stores are currently only available through our UberEATS platform.

If so, click here and then click Doordash under ‘Choose Your Platform’ in order to begin delivering for UberEATS and/or DoorDash! 🙂

Part 4: Enter/select new address

This is only for drivers who are still in training, so if you’re an experienced driver, proceed past Part 4 and fill out all of

Part 5. If you’re new to Doordash and want to work as a delivery driver, Part 4 is where you enter/select your home address—and it’s also where you can indicate if you want automatic credit card payment or if you prefer direct deposit when it comes time for paychecks.

I don’t want anyone seeing your bank account information (including Doordash), select I want my paycheck deposited directly into my bank account. This ensures that no one sees any part of your financial history while working with Doordash…except maybe at tax time!

How to Change Doordash Driver Location Best Part 6

Part 5: Save Changes

Once you’ve finished writing, editing, and proofreading your post, be sure to save it before publishing it live. You’ll find a blue Save Changes button at the bottom of your screen after you finish editing each post (it will read Save Draft if you haven’t written anything yet).

We’re not done working yet! There are still two more steps in our process: Checking it for errors and setting up social media sharing features. But don’t worry—both of these are easy steps as well! So let’s dive right into those next…

Part 6: Now you’re ready to accept orders in the new location!

If you’re looking to start driving for DoorDash, it’s easy! All you need is:

(1) an iPhone or Android smartphone with access to either the internet or data plan;

(2) valid payment information; and

(3) identification and proof of residency documents that are necessary for DDP Onboarding.

Once you have all of these things, you can get started by downloading our app here. Once installed, please sign up using your phone number as a username and set up two-factor authentication through Google Authenticator or Authy to protect against unauthorized account access.

Then, follow these steps:

1) Make sure GPS is enabled in Settings > Privacy > Location Services

2) Sign in to your account

3) Go to My Dashboard

4) Click Edit Delivery Preferences

5) Select Change My Pickup Location

6) Choose your new delivery area

7) Click Save

8 ) Head back to Driver Dashboard

9 ) Update Profile

10 ) Request New Delivery

11 ) Complete! Please note that changing locations will remove any previous deliveries from your profile.


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