Does Marshalls Accept Apple Pay (Do You Know!) 2022

Does Marshalls Accept Apple Pay (Do You Know!) 2022

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Yes, Marshalls Does Accept Apple Pay 2022

Marshalls doesn’t have an official payment page, but the answer to the question Does Marshalls accept Apple Pay? is Yes. Marshalls stores all across the country, along with a number of other payment methods.

In fact, Marshalls accepts all major credit cards—MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover—as well as debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Online shoppers can even pay through PayPal and Apple Pay (provided they have an iPhone 6 or newer). Purchases under $50 can be made through in-store payment terminals, but for transactions above that amount, shoppers must use their own devices or pay at the register with cash or a card.

Does Marshalls Accept Apple Pay (What To Know!) 2022

How to Use Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be used at any place that has a store-issued credit card reader. In other words, it can be used anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is accepted. It can also be used at select ATM machines and retail websites in Safari on iOS devices.

To use Apple Pay, you’ll need an iPhone 6 or later (or an NFC-enabled iPad). Then you just hold your device near a card reader and place your finger on Touch ID to authorize the payment with your default card or with another supported card in your Wallet.

Where to Buy from Marshalls Accept Apple Pay

The short answer to Does Marshalls accept Apple Pay? is yes. To buy at Marshall’s with an iPhone or Apple Watch equipped with Apple Pay, you’ll need to do a little planning ahead of time:

First off, it’s important to know that you can only use your phone or watch at most of Marshall’ stores if they have a contactless terminal—which isn’t always clear when you’re searching through store info on apps like Yelp.

That means it’s not possible to use your device at all stores in certain markets (including St. Louis and San Diego). So for planning purposes, check out online directories for where these terminals are located before heading out shopping.

Does Apple Pay Work at Target?

The simple answer is yes, it does. But only for a very small percentage of Target stores. Most of Target’s 1,816 stores have installed new card readers and will accept Apple Pay when they re-open after being closed during the Christmas holidays. Hopefully, by then, more stores will be ready to take payments with a tap on your smartphone.

Why Marshalls Doesn’t Use Apple Pay

You might have noticed that many major stores (including Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s) started accepting Apple Pay earlier in 2016. Well, don’t expect to see it at your local Marshalls anytime soon—if ever.

According to a store employee we spoke with, most chains (like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s) use ShopKeep point-of-sale software that doesn’t support NFC payments (although some may add support for Samsung and Android phones).

To learn more about how a chip card reader and pin pad work together in place of an EMV chip card reader, check out our other guide on using chip cards at ATMs or checkout lanes.

Did Marshalls Allow Apple Pay Before?

Although it took a little longer than most retailers did to get on board with Apple’s mobile payments system, Marshalls is indeed accepting payments made through iPhones and other devices. But don’t let your guard down.

There are plenty of retailers that still aren’t accepting Apple Pay – or have only recently added it as an option. As of October 2015, only 39 percent of merchants were using contactless payment methods like contactless credit cards and NFC-equipped smartphones.

Before you consider adding contactless payments to your retail business, take some time to do research and find out whether or not your customers will want them – even if they already use them in other places.

Is Apple Pay Accepted At Marshalls For Internet Transactions?

Yes, we are happy to say that Apple Pay is accepted at Marshall’s for online transactions. Just tap your iPhone or another contactless device on a payment terminal and go! If you don’t have an iPhone (and don’t want to get one just to play with it), you can also use one of these great NFC-enabled Android phones.

Then again, if you want some added protection (since your phone is going in and out of stores all day) consider using Square to process mobile payments instead—it will even allow you to store gift cards on your phone so there’s no need for plastic at all!

What Other Types Of Electronic Payments Marshalls Accept Apple Pay

In addition to Apple Pay, some of Marshalls’s locations also accept Google Wallet. While most stores don’t accept gift cards as a form of payment, some do.

For example, if you were hoping to pay for your purchase with either a Visa or MasterCard gift card and your local store accepted them as a form of payment then you could go ahead and pay with one of those. Make sure to check out their list of payment options before paying with your gift card so that you’re certain it will be accepted.

Does Marshalls Accept Apple Pay (What To Know!) 2022


The fact is that if you have an iPhone with iOS 9 installed on it and you don’t already have a CurrentC account, then you’re not going to be able to sign up for one. If your intention is just to test out CurrentC, then go ahead and do that because it’s free.

But once you set up an account, there’s no way around using it as a payment method when shopping at participating merchants.

My advice would be to think long and hard about whether or not getting involved in CurrentC is a good idea since anyone can choose any other method of payment over an NFC contactless terminal these days, even if they don’t have Apple Pay yet.


Yes, we do! Just make sure to have your card with you. You’ll need it in order to add your card to Apple Pay on your iPhone and to pay for things using our app. If you haven’t set up Apple Pay yet, follow these steps: Open Passbook and add your Marshalls credit or debit card.

Then open Settings on your phone and go to Wallet & Apple Pay; tap Add Credit or Debit Card if needed; then choose to Add a credit or debit card…and enter all of your payment information. When finished, click Done at the top right corner.

Now that your card is added to Apple Pay, just hold your iPhone near any contactless reader—like those used by retailers like Marshalls—to complete a purchase. That’s it! Easy peasy.

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